Lexus showed what an electric SUV would look like - people online

Lexusluxury brand Toyotahas provided the first details of its new electric SUV, which will be part of a zero-emissions range, available in 2030 under the vision electrified lexus.

The new model was unveiled on December 14 as part of the company’s electric vehicle strategy announcement made by Toyota Motor Corporation president and Lexus brand holder, Akio Toyoda.

With Lexus Electrified, the company aims to fully utilize the potential of electricity Increase driving pleasure for all your customers.


In the same way, you will advance Signature Lexus DrivingA driving experience based on linear vehicle responses consistent with the driver’s intentions of deceleration, steering and acceleration.

Lexus, by developing pure electric vehicles, will evolve into a brand that offers a range of driving experiences, Leverage their performance development capabilities and hone their profession in making products that are “Increasingly customized in its performance, quality and appeal.”

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