An internal clash between the US and Japan for control of PlayStation, says former employee -

alleged Ex Sony employee He participated in a Reddit AMA (Q&A with multiple participants) session, during which he shared something that looks real Intestinal war between the American and Japanese divisions For the company in order Playstation controller, Clearly won by the Western Division.

Obviously there was talk of speculation and rumor, but so was the user in question Has been verified By moderators in the PlayStation Vita section of Reddit, which makes us take his statements with some consideration. According to reports, it appears that in recent years, a real internal war has broken out between the United States and the Japanese PlayStation division for control of the Sony division, something that has seemed quite clear even from the outside, but it may be. You find the confirmation in the words of this former employee.

Apparently, the clash has already happened and led to an apparent relocation to the United States, which can be seen in many decisions made in recent years, starting with moving the headquarters to California. “there was Lots of internal competition To control the PlayStation brand for the past few years, and as you can see it has been America to win In the end “I got out of the alleged ex-employee’s words,” the headquarters move, the shutdown of a large portion of the Japan studio and the decision to move the DualSense confirmation button to the typical Western position are only the first examples that come to mind.

Obviously, these are just rumors from a source that appears to have been verified but precise information cannot be obtained, but it will be a confirmation of what they have long suspected, with the Sony PlayStation’s center of gravity clearly shifting westward.

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