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Waiting for that Netflix Finally the release of the eight episodes that make up the new season of “Luis Miguel: The Serial”, the broadcast platform gave the official banner for the second session that will be officially released from Sunday, April 18, and to heat the engines also product. He surprised his fans with a virtual meeting that offered previews of the narration starring Diego Bonita.

From its social networks on Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube, Netflix Latin America lived its virtual premiere with its crew in the first line of presentation that served as the precursor to new chapters that will now focus on Luis Miguel’s adult stage between 1990 and 2000.

Before the cast went live, YouTube users (who had crossed over 25,000 live viewers) were already waiting for interaction from comments activated by Netflix, so netizens began dropping theories about the narrative turns the series could offer, on whether the reviewer was about The romances surrounding the so-called “Sol de Mexico” and how the issue of “Marcella”, Luis Miguel’s mother, will be addressed during the first season, which left the fans in a state of suspense during the first season. The season is about his disappearance.

Among the surprises launched by the production, they highlighted that the 18th of next April will not only be the first chapter, as Netflix will partner two to compensate an audience who waited more than a year for the project’s premiere, Then one weekly release after another. At the beginning, onlookers were able to observe Lewis Ray’s funeral.

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Showcasing the first ten minutes of the first episode of Season Two, Diego Bonita shared the screen with the cast consisting of Macarena Ashaga, Cesar Burdon, Fernando Gualard, Pablo Cruz Guerrero, Camila Sodi, Teresa Ruiz, Cesar Santana, Luz Cebriota, Juan Ignacio Cane and Alex Llunas, as well as reaching out to some fans who questioned the actors about their creative process to revive the world of “Luis Miguel”.

Diego Bonita shared his process of interpreting Luis Miguel in another aspect, Which shows among the developments the difficulties he still faces in finding his mother’s whereabouts, as well as the health problems he faced in one of his ears that endanger the singer’s profession.

I started preparing for the role a year before filming for Season 1 began. With Luis Miguel, I truly believe in his life reality beyond imagination. For me, that is the key and there is a side of the imagination when creating Luis Miguel that no one knows, Luis Miguel behind the scenes, behind the scenes, and which you cannot see on YouTube. “

“I had the opportunity to speak with him on several occasions, which helped me a lot and he also shared some things with me, some things he said to me ‘Diego, this is nothing else for you, please do not share it with anyone and the actor added’ That was very generous with this The meaning, ”noting that another priority for representing the singer is to show him more humanly:“ The most important of all is to humanize him, so that you can sympathize with him.

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Executive producers, Carla Gonzalez Vargas and Pablo Cruz, shared that one of the main challenges of the new season was the description of Diego Bonita using prosthetics to reflect a more adult Luis Miguel, a process that involved up to four hours of work.

A unique experience

The production announced that after the season 2 premiere, audiences will be able to participate to win a spot in “On the Road,” an experience that will live on top of a bus that will unexpectedly travel through the streets of Mexico City. Little by little more details about how the fans participate will be announced.

Additionally, at the end of each episode, Netflix will add special clips that show behind the scenes how the season was carried out and the coexistence of the two actors.



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