Comment obtenir plus de machines à sous Talisman dans Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, spells are one of the subcategories of your gear. Spells are small pieces that you can carry on your person that give you a variety of beneficial (and sometimes not very useful) effects, such as boosting your stats, restoring your health with successful kills, or making you immune to falls. At the beginning of your game, you can only equip one spell at a time, but as you progress in the game, this will gradually increase. Here’s how to get more Talisman slots in the Elden Ring.

How to get more Talisman slots in Elden Ring

To get more Talisman slots in the Elden Ring, you’ll need to get the Talisman Bag. Your ability to equip spells in the spell slots in your equipment list is determined by a key item known as the spell bag. Each spell bag you collect adds an additional spell slot to your gear list, allowing you to equip more spells at once and reap their benefits at once (provided you have enough weight to handle them than one, of course). To prevent you from getting too strong too quickly, though, there are only three additional Talisman bags in the entire game, and they aren’t quite right next to each other.

Where to find Talisman bags at Elden Ring

Talisman Pouches are carried by only three specific bosses in the Elden Ring, who will give them to you after you defeat them. None of these bosses are in the same area, so don’t expect to increase your spell processing capabilities from the start.

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The three chiefs who carry Talisman bags are:

  • Margate, Le Phil Aumen
  • Rinala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Godfrey, First Lord Elden

The first spell bag you’ll get will undoubtedly be the one in Margit’s possession, Fell Omen. Margit guards the entrance to Stormveil Castle, the residence of Godrick the Graft, which you must defeat to advance the story, so a meeting with him is inevitable.

The second incantation bag is gained after defeating Renala, Queen of the Full Moon, the second major head of the Raia Lucaria Academy located in the Lornia Lake District. Again, Renala is a major boss, so you don’t have to worry about missing this one. Technically, however, the second Talisman bag was not given to you by Rennala herself, but rather by Finger Reader Enia in the Roundtable Hold as a reward for getting two excellent runes.

The third and final Talisman bag holds the ghost of Godfrey, Elden Lord, who is encountered on the way to the Legacy Dungeon in the royal capital of Leyndell. Although not a major boss, Godfrey is a wanted encounter, and you’ll need to defeat him and his partner, Hoarah Loux, a Warrior. When they are both at the bottom, you get a Talisman bag.


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