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Two years ago, astronomers Find out the direction of Earth’s signal Presumably from Proxima Centauri, the closest star system to our sun, which contains at least one potentially habitable planet, according to research.

The signal has been categorized as a potentially alien technical signal, as it is rarely produced by satellites or aircraft, but new research suggests it may have been created by a broken piece of human technology.

According to Nature Astronomy, the sign has properties largely consistent with what has been postulated and is one of the most compelling candidates to date for a purported message from the universe.

The publication mentions analysis of BLC1 (as the signal is called), which we ultimately attribute to being an unusual form of locally generated interference.

“As detailed in the attached document, we finally concluded that BLC1 It is a modification product of the interface complex of multiple human-caused interferences: not a technical fingerprint,” the study explained.


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