Daniela Gutsenberger: Frenzied Care in Mallorca -

Daniela Gutsenberger: Frenzied Care in Mallorca – “How Crazy”

Daniela Katzenberger: Cheeky TV blonde is like this

Daniela Katzenberger: Cheeky TV blonde is like this

Daniela Katzenberger has been an integral part of German television since her first television appearance in 2009.

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It will not be long before Christmas comes and some people will experience complete stress these days. Do you already have a eating plan? Are all gifts the same?

Daniela Gutsenberger Can lean back – at least a little. Because the woman gave her parents an early Christmas present. But the Christmas fever around them also seems to have erupted in Mallorca.

Daniela Gutsenberger: Insane scenes in Mallorca

Days in Germany are dwindling. It was getting cold, and the first snow had already come. Many enter the Christmas spirit. But that’s how it really is Daniela Gutsenberger In Mallorca? After all, even in December, cats can expect an average of 16 degrees. Is the Christmas spirit all there is?


This is Daniela Gatsenberger:


Apparently, the cult blonde reveals in her Instagram story. He wants to know from his fans how they are at Christmas and whether they have too much stress. Maybe yes, she thinks. “Now I can see what’s going on in Malley in town, alas, how crazy, they’re smashing all the shops,” the 35-year-old says.

Daniela Katzenberger clearly: “You should enjoy it too”

She looks at it a little more casually. After all, he has already collected or given a third of the Christmas gifts. Because a few weeks ago he made way for Uncle Iris and Papa Peter to have eye surgery. You can read what kind of operation is here >>>


More about Daniela Katzenberger:


“Now I only have to give two-thirds of the prizes, so I’m not stressed out this year,” says the blonde jokingly. However, he is looking forward to Christmas. The 35-year-old reveals that Christmas Eve is always a “goblet” for Katsenberg. “That’s good too, and you should enjoy it too.” (Abr)


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