Samsung assistant, Bixby, will Sam replace him soon?  hard to believe

While the designers of voice assistants, who are endowed with female voices in most countries, are accused of spreading “gender stereotypes”… Samsung may soon announce a Bixby replacement. Sam, her new name, will have the look and voice of a woman.

Bixby, Samsung’s assistant, will be replaced by Sam. Leaks Shared on social networks. It is difficult to find accurate information on the source of these images. According to our research, it could have been accidentally posted by Illustration Studio Light Farm.

According to an article also published by mistake, Lightfarm could have signed a collaboration with the Cheil Agency – a communications agency of Samsung. The article and associated images were immediately deleted after it was published.

Soon will Sam Bixby replace her? hard to believe

Sam is said to be a woman with blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair with features reminiscent of a Pixar character. We expected Bixby Assistant to be replaced in the future, but this Leaking It is surprising in more ways than one.

As you may have noticed, the new Korean Calling Assistant will have a literary genre. Will Samsung consciously play it? Can he avoid reinforcing gender stereotypes? Indeed, the danger is that the feminine auxiliary amplifies our preconceived sexism, reproducing gender stereotypes but especially their unconscious character, which is both pernicious and dangerous.

But then why pay the similarities between the sexes? Is it demand or supply that creates this need? Especially since the designers of voice assistants, endowed with female voices in most countries, are accused of this of spreading “gender stereotypes”.

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In April 2021, Apple removed the mention of gender from its Siri assistant. Siri voices are now called “Voice 1” and “Voice 2” instead of “Male” and “Female”. In addition, there is no longer a default setting. When configuring the iPhone, it is now prompted to choose one of the sounds.

In short, the assistant Toxic This is information that should be taken with care while waiting for it to be formalized. It could be that simple proposals were accidentally published by the Brazilian studio.


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