Silent Hill

Rumor has it that Konami is busy revamping several of its major franchises, outsourcing projects to outside studios.

While Konami is still in turmoil after the disappointing launch of eFootball 2022 last Thursday, the company is making headlines once again but this time it may please many fans. Indeed, according to the rumors circulated Chronicle video gameKonami is said to be preparing to revive several cult video game franchises.

Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania et Silent Hill au

Still according to VGC, the first thing to be developed will be a “re-visit” of CastlevaniaProduced by Konami Studios, Japan. At the same time, new hard lime metal It will also be developed by external studio Virtuos. This is allegedly centered around the title Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, A fan favorite of the franchise.

Finally, the third franchise that Konami is working on is the silent Hill. In fact, many horror games have been sealed the silent Hill It could see the light soon, it is still being developed by outside studios. On the other hand, it appears that the Gematsu outlet believes that a game in the franchise could also be developed by Hideo Kojima, which will be his next Sony-funded project.

All of these projects are still in an initial stage of development at the moment, but they are still already underway. If for now all of this is only at the rumor stage, then it goes without saying that the revival of these legendary franchises would be a huge boost for the publisher currently suffering from the fallout from its game. eFootball 2022Which has the worst of Steam right now.

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