Les 12 Coups de midi - Transgender candidate: he's coming back after 11 years

On June 28, 2010, TF1 released a game that has become a cult: 12 noon shots. Therefore, Jean-Luc Richmann has already received candidates in his group for twelve years, all of whom hope to raise as much money as possible. Moreover, the front page recently revealed that a staggering total of €14 million has been paid to various winners in recent years.

To mark the program’s symbolic anniversary, Jean-Luc Reichmann and his bands launched a competition on June 26 among 56 of the greatest masters at midday. While waiting for the final expected on Saturday 9 July, viewers were able to find familiar faces, Including that Majid. He returned on Thursday 7 July 2022 and especially had the right to take a look at his journey. It was in 2011 that he participated for the first time. At that time, he had managed to leave with him €57,660. And by reviewing his photos from this period, it can be seen that he has changed a lot physically! Majeed emerges from the youthful vibe, and today he is a mature man, with a graying beard, a thin face and little hair. (See our slideshow). “I was a little kid, and since then there have been kids. You were one of the first to arriveJean-Luc Richmann said.

This leap into the past naturally brought back many memories to the candidate who was so touched and shared a poem he wrote to get the attention of the host and all those working on the show,”shallow people“.”Merci. I’ve met some really cool people here, guys who don’t look great on TV, but in real life, they’re just really cool. It’s very touching, and I’m glad to be a part of it all. ThanksHe finished crying. As touched by his speech, Jean-Luc Richmann hugged him a lot.

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It should be noted that after eleven years of 12 noon shotsMajid participated in other game shows. “You opened the door for me, thanks because I confess, I pulled the string a lot‘ he admitted, amused.


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