VIDEO Beijing Express 2022: This physical change of Fanny that piques the interest of netizens

On Thursday, April 14, 2022, the end of the new season for the Beijing Express was held. The pair formed by Fanny and Jeremy, the finalists, proved to be combative once again. After a parachute jump that disturbed her, Fanny appeared with wet hair. Something that surprises Internet users.

The new season of Beijing Express accelerates. As of Thursday, April 7, 2022, the candidates had to be stronger than ever to face ever more dangerous tests. While playing the semi-finals, the candidates had to face an unusual streak. “will borrow The longest and fastest zip line in the world at a speed of 160 km / h, Announce a banner discovered on the way to the test. But now, if for many this zip line was synonymous with a childhood dream, then for Fanny it was a real nightmare.

The mother of the family hates height and speed. I quickly became anxious. “I can not do that ! I feel terrifiedI don’t want to go into this. I don’t like this adrenaline. I don’t like anything about the idea of ​​throwing myself into the void.”She fired, as panic overwhelmed her. “When I see the position I have in front of this free fall, I tell myself: ‘It won’t even happen'”, confirmed Jeremy, who thought Fanny couldn’t get over her fears. Finally, it’s the trembling voice that Fanny let out: These are tears of fear I don’t understand what I’m doing here. I don’t belong at all“.

I face her fear of heights

Thursday, April 14, 2022, is during the Grand Final that Fanny again found herself in difficulty. She was already young He had to face his fear of heights During an exceptional parachute jump over Dubai Bay. Paralyzed and ready to give in until the last minute, I finally leapt into the void. A few minutes later, she drops to the ground before joining Jeremy for her logic test. When I arrived at the trial area, Fanny was different physically. Her hair was completely wet.

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It’s hard to tell if the mother of the family took a bath or felt the need to. Wet your head after the heartbreaking skydiving For her, but netizens were very fascinated by these physical details. “Fanny, did you shower while jumping or how are things going? “,” Has Fanny had time to take a shower? “,” Why is Fanny submerged in water? Fell in the water or what?Can we read between the tweets that are published in the evening. A puzzle that will remain complete…


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