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Jean LaSalle was in a good mood on Friday, April 7. Seemingly satisfied with his interview in Telematine, the presidential candidate has allowed himself to hurl a small compliment to political journalist Jeff Wittenberg.

At the end of the presidential campaign, Jean LaSalle decided to blow hot and cold with journalists. It was cold on the first of April. guest of Apolline de Malherbe, The presidential candidate complained of being constantly boycotted by the journalist. “No problem, don’t hesitate. You can leave completely if you feel like you don’t have your place”, The person who replaced Jean-Jacques Bourdain responded at the head of the Matinale de RMC.

After a few days, there was an iceberg: Thursday, April 7, on the France Info group, Jean LaSalle wanted to settle scores with journalist Renaud Delle, the author according to his editorial. “Not worth”. He has no right to write what he wrotecandidate hit. And I tell Jean Quatrimer too, this is not politics. How does this man know me to make such serious judgments! Not worth! Not worth!. It was much warmer the next day in the group Telematin.

Jeff Wittenberg, “Pride of Public Service”

On Friday, April 8, Jean LaSalle was present on the set of the France 2 morning show to answer questions from Jeff Wittenberg, responsible for the series 4 facts. At the end of this nice interview and after the political journalist congratulated her for his respect “completely” The speaking time given to him, Jean LaSalle allowed himself a compliment, which is very rare in this case: “You are bliss, Jeff”.

A small phrase that made the group laugh Telematin And Jeff Wittenberg was embarrassed, who no longer knew where he stood. “If I didn’t want to say it, I wouldn’t say it”The presidential candidate added to prove his sincerity. Thank you Jeff Wittenberg for embodying public service pride. We are so proud to have you at TelematinBroadcaster Axel de Tarlelier bounced back, enjoying the situation. Even in the D-2 of the first round of the presidential election, there’s still room for a little sweetness.

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