Amazon receives a fine of 888 MDD in the European Union

In addition, the company has been criticized for allegations of data accumulation from its users on its site and on its digital assistant Aleza, including browsing and purchase history so that the company has the potential to target more direct advertising. road.

Other issues investigated also relate to monopoly cases and how unfair use of the data they collect can favor sellers of their platform over others.

These problems, unsurprisingly, have also recurred in the United States. Even in 2019, the Campaign for a Trade-Free Childhood and the Center for Digital Democracy, along with other groups, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on the grounds that the Echo Dot Kids Edition violated children’s privacy rights. By collecting data without validating parental consent.

Although Amazon must face these legal disputes, its growth has continued so far this year, since April and June it has managed to grow by 27%, which means a gain of $113.1 billion in sales of products and services. , while Amazon Web Services achieved a growth of 37%, which means that it generated revenues of 14.8 billion dollars.

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