Last Saturday, Elon Musk commented on a National Geographic Twitter story about the latter Discovery that hyenas have cubs Toxoplasmosis They are more likely to get close to lions and end up dead compared to their uninfected companions.

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The founder of SpaceX suggested that the parasite responsible for Toxoplasmosis, which affects the brain, could motivate humans to create advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

“The Toxoplasmosis It infects rats, then cats, and then humans who make cat videos,” Musk said from his Twitter account, adding that he trains he is Using “online cat videos” to reach levels of superhuman intelligence, making toxoplasmosis “the true arbiter of our destiny.”

Parasites that cause Toxoplasmosis influence brain from infected animals and make them lose their fear of predators that could harm them. This is how the parasite is usually transmitted from mice to cats, when frantic rodents approach cats without fear for their lives and end up in their stomachs. These microorganisms are then transmitted from cats to humans who have them as pets.


Photo: Getty Images

So far, there is no conclusive scientific data confirming that Toxoplasmosis It will also affect the behavior of humans, and there are some studies that suggest that those suffering from this disease may act at greater risk than usual.

also a study From the Czech Republic and another by Turkish researchers, they linked the presence of the parasite “Toxoplasma gondii” in the human organism to an increased risk of traffic accidents.


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