According to Forbes, Big Tech’s new privacy nightmare may prompt users to uninstall Chrome from their phones. It comes as Facebook is accused of mining people’s sensitive private data by exploiting accelerometer data to secretly track and monitor the activity of app users. “While Facebook has been collecting this information for itself, Chrome is happy to collect it for others — essentially allowing free for everyone when it comes to highly sensitive information about every action, every behavior,” Forbes cybersecurity writer Zach Duffman warned Zach Duffman.

Google Chrome users were warned last month of “multiple high-level browser hacks” for the second time this week, reports say. The tech giant advised its 2.6 billion users to be aware in a new blog post, revealing four vulnerabilities rated “high” — days after the 12th and 13th Chrome vulnerabilities were discovered “zero today,” Forbes reported. The Sun has contacted Google for comment. Google unveils Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro – which are cheaper than the iPhone 13.

He said the research revealed how the browser allows mobile websites to take advantage of the device’s sensors. Apple disables access to the motion sensor by default. Not only does Google allow access, Duffman said, but it also tells users that this is a “recommended” setting to keep enabling. HOT MAMA Teen Mom Jade Cline Shows Curves In Skinny Jeans After Butt Lift

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  • We urge Google Chrome users to remove the browser immediately
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