Safe Mode is the new Safe Mode functionality that was launched in beta by Twitter yesterday, although other new functions related to users’ security and privacy will appear along the way, some of which have just been revealed before. Bloomberg.

The fact is that the administrators of the platform see how users can perform a series of actions without, at the moment, tools that directly facilitate this, inspiring them to create new functions.

There are people who usually manually delete or even block tweets and unblock their followers to remove the following, among other aspects. With that in mind, new features will be tested soon while others are still in the concept stage.

Bloomberg Highlights Archived tweets feature, which will allow users to hide old tweets after a period of time, can only be seen later for account holders, considering periods of 30, 60 and 90 days or an entire year.

At the moment, this feature is in the concept stage. What is coming soon, specifically this month, is A function that allows you to delete followers, thus avoiding the need to block and unblock them manually.

Another function that will run, although there is no specific date for it, is Hide tweets that have been given “likes”, and the ability to establish that these tweets can be seen by all users, only the followers themselves or selected groups.

Before the end of the year will arrive, also in the tests, a file Function to exit public conversations. Ultimately, what it is about is that users can participate in the platform safely.

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In this regard, Svetlana Pimkina, a researcher at TwitterThere are users who interact less because they don’t know what the rest of the users can see about what is being posted, so it will be installed from September for users to check if their account is public or private.

There is no doubt that Twitter has realized at the time that it has been slow when it comes to providing controls and functionality to users when it comes to providing them with tools to control the experience they want to have.

Over time, we’ll see how these and other functions arrive, now that the development of new functions for controlling experience, or what they call, “social privacy”, has accelerated.

via: Bloomberg


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