Claudia Jañez, también presidenta de Dupont. (Héctor Téllez)

Claudia Jañez Sánchez and Gisselle Morán Jiménez were approved by US Movil shareholders. Independent members of the Board of Directors.

Degree in law from the University of La Salle, Janes Sanchez She is the first female representative of the Executive Council of World Companies Since 2019, he has been President of Dupont Latin America.

In a brief statement, the telecommunications company, owned by Carlos Slim Helu, noted The new appointments did not create changes in the hierarchy of the company.

In this sense, Carlos Slim Dormit is the leader of America Move And Patrick Slim Domit will continue as Vice President of the Mexican Telecommunications Company.

On the other hand, during the session Approved to increase its repurchase fund For 26 billion pesos.

In this regard, the US Movil explained that the funding for the purchase of own shares will be in effect from April 2021 to April next year.

IFT-10 Tender

The United States won the concession title for the allotted frequencies of the IFT-10 tender., Through the Federal Telecommunications Agency (IFT) Radio Electric Spectrum Unit

“By IFT, L. HolderA radio spectrum unit, Alejandro Navarrete handed over the title of concession to the frequencies allotted in the IFT-10 tender for mobile services to Telcel, ”the company said in a statement.

In October this year, IFT completed the process of submitting public tender incentives for the exploitation and allocation of 41 spectrum blocks for mobile phone and Internet services.

The Spectrum modules located on 800 MHz, AWS, PCS and 2.5 GHz bands, USA Movil and AT&T meet all technical and legal requirements only.

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During that period, the Regulatory Commission described three Blocks received offers for a total of 1,350.8 million pesos, Must be paid before the offer can be made.

In this sense, US Movil offered 270 million pesos, With coverage obligations related to providing wireless access service in at least 30 of the 52 locations between 1,000 and 5,000 citizens without mobile service.



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