Tomateros falls into a great duel against the sultans

Tomateros de Culiacan lost 6-5 to the Sultan of Monterrey, in the events of the second round of the 2021-2022 season of the Mexican Pacific League.

Anthony Giansante hit a solo wreck to outrun the Sultana of Monterrey in the first half, and then with a break, Alberto Caron scored a hat-trick for Ismael Salas to score the second half for the visitors.

Tomateros de Culiacán turned the board three times at the bottom of the third game.

On the floors of Tommy Lawrence, Joey Meneses hit a single that sent Dairon Blanco to the record, then Tomateros de Culiacán advanced 3-2 thanks to a pair of passports with a box full.

At the sixth summit, the Sultan de Monterrey regained his lead with Anthony Giansante II at home in the night.

With Roberto Valenzuela running for the top spot, Anthony Giansante has made his sixth home run of the season.

Tomateros de Culiacán made the score in the seventh round through a field one to a position by Joey Meneses.

Already in the tenth summit, Fernando Perez took the wall to decide the final 5-4 in favor of the Sultan of Monterrey. The sultan was one to achieve victory in Culiacan, but Tomateros tied for tenth with a hit from Jose Guadalupe Chavez, who dragged Jesus Fabella.

Sultan’s winning race came in the twelfth inning to make it 6-5.

The second match of the series between Tomateros and Sultanes will take place on Wednesday at 7:05 pm.

Mane Parerda, who will make his campaign debut, will play Tomateros de Culiacan, while Cristian Castillo will partner with Sultana de Monterrey.

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Navarro receives the “Golden Glove” award

In the framework of the first game of the series between the Sultan of Monterrey and Tomateros de Culiacan, Evren “Guapo” Navarro, the first two-time Jindas Champions League starter, received from club managers and junior players from the Children’s Third Region. Leagues in Culiacan, his award honoring the winner of the “Golden Glove” for the 2020-21 Mexican Pacific League campaign.

Teamwork was undoubtedly one of the keys to the latest twist on the cake, although on an individual level, Evren Navarro stood out for his exceptional defence.

Navarro has picked up the award with a .995 field average, in 50 games, although it is difficult to gauge how well he has improved his attacking due to his phenomenal ability to take cutting shots, as well as the confidence his presence as a team gives. for them. first rule.

And Navarro joins Alexis Wilson and Emmanuel Avila, as the most prominent defense players of the previous season, and Wilson will receive his award on Wednesday in the second of the series, while Avila will receive his appreciation on Thursday, at the conclusion of the series.

Wednesday series

Navogua in Mexicali

20:30 hours

Los Mochis in Guasav

It’s 19:30

Obregón in Hermosillo

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Monterey in Culiacan

19:05 hours

Jalisco in Mazatlan

It’s 19:00


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