July 10, 2021 – 11:10 pm

The large infection associated with the community without a mask or a great distance causes the infection to grow, especially among young people

From Adriana Logrosino, Stefano Montefori, Elisabetta Rosspina and Marta Serafini

The biggest fear was: that As tourism resumes, invoked, desired, expected, the contagion will come back into play. This confirms the situation depicted by some European countries and reported by the Ministry of Health publication that sets off the international delta variable alert. Covid has resumed its journey, to put it mildly, just about everywhere. But in some countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Holland and Finland, peaks attributable not only to the greater contagion of the delta variant, but also to the proliferation of tourists, fans, evenings in clubs, in which mainly young people are concentrated in concerts, are highlighted at broadcasting events superlative. In short, for socializing, he lived without masks or distance. In fact, the first to become infected are boys. Then the virus inevitably reaches other age groups, starting with their family members. circular The site by the Director General of the Ministry’s Prevention Department Giovanni Rida, at the launch of the alarm, looks on with concern in August, when The delta variant will cover from 70 (at the beginning of the month) to 90 percent of cases. During the summer months, any relaxation of measures without a simultaneous increase in the levels of full vaccinations in the population, may lead to a sudden and significant increase in cases in all age groups, especially less than 50 years, with a concomitant increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

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In Spain, the biggest danger comes from the nightlife. If the infection jumps to 252 cases per hundred thousand people (this value in Italy is currently 11), it reaches 800 cases per hundred thousand in the age group between 12 and 29 years. Also due to increased infections in the Netherlands, tourism on the Iberian Peninsula is the prime suspect: 81 positives were identified on 16 return flights from Palma de Mallorca, and another 60 on 14 air connections from the Algarve, a high-altitude Portuguese region. Nightlife rate. And 205 new positives, ages 15 to 29, were in Spain or Portugal. A different alarm comes from Finnish health officials: 481 people infected with the Covid virus have flown back from Russia after attending the European Football Championship matches in St Petersburg. All sequence samples belong to the delta variant. In the post, the director of the Ministry of Health indicated the three tools that the local health system should use to try to contain the infection. Tracking and then arranging isolation and quarantine for those who were in positive, serial contact, starting with the infected vaccination, and vaccinating faster and without neglecting the young.

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