Ago face mask Different brands have become a part of our daily accessories and people have launched their own designs. Today we can find them in all colors and made of different materials Materials, But there’s always the option to add some Technique And while there are many forms with a digital touch, today we’ll let you know which proposal I participated in

Pop star, group leader black Eyed Peas, She entered into a partnership with the company Honeywell To develop prof Smart face mask That they named it Xupermask We are only able to protect users from Covid-19 Rather, it brings some different jobs closer to them.

The model attracts attention not only for its design and because the artist promotes it but because creation was involved as well Fashion designer From Hollywood Jose FernandezIf the name doesn’t sound familiar, you just have to know it was the person behind the spacesuits SpaceX.

What makes Xupermask different from other options on the market is that it comes bundled with it Fans Dual three speeds and HEPA filters, (In English “High Efficiency Particle Deting”, or “High Efficiency Particle Deting”) that they assert is able to absorb the majority of harmful particles in the air.

In addition to the protection this mask can provide, it can be a great accessory for music lovers as it masks some Wireless headphones With features like active noise cancellation as well microphone And Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. For syncing with smart devices such as cell phones.

Xupermask also contains Luces LED To give a futuristic touch. the East Smart mask It will go on sale tomorrow, April 8, at the moment only in the US and Europe with a website where it will be available in black and white, in two sizes, for price 299 dollars, or about 6 thousand pesos.

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It is worth noting that this is not the first time has entered the world of technology. Some time ago it launched a smartwatch, as well as iPhone accessories and headphones. In addition, his company, +, has acquired a manufacturer of smart home systems.

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Another techno option

If you are a tech lover, you’ll also want to know the suggestion that Razer has put in place under the CES 2021, Which is a prototype of Smart mask It not only seeks to improve users’ comfort but also provides other functions.

The company said Project Hazel provides medical-grade respiratory protection. N95. It is also equipped with Active fans Removable and rechargeable, plus the Smart Pods that regulate airflow for optimum filter breathing and high filter efficiency.Action Bacterial According to Razer, it filters out at least 95% of airborne particles and has a high fluid resistance.

The model is reusable and has a clear and transparent design so that facial expressions can be seen, and it is also useful for people with hearing problems who can read lips and understand what the other is saying.

It also has a system Interior lights They are automatically activated in the dark, allowing users to express themselves clearly regardless of the lighting conditions. For more entertainment and customization, users can activate two lighting zones and choose from 16.8 million colors and a range of effects.

Also, since masks also tend to reduce volume, you’re new TechniqueRazer VoiceAmp uses an microphone And a built-in speaker to improve user speech and achieve clear communication.

Project Hazel is coated with silicone and features a cooling system and Regulation of active air, Bring in fresh air and expel carbon dioxide. The company explained that it provides a tight seal thanks to the adjustable ear straps, so that it can be adapted to the size and shape of the face to fit securely and prevent blockage of the mouth.


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