Vladimir Putin How He Beat Tom Cruise And His Last $5.4 Million Movie - Libero Quotidiano

The first Russian camera crew in orbit: Director Klim Shpenko and actress Yulia Peresild arrived at the International Space Station to shoot the movie “The Challenge”, expecting Tom cruiseAnd who postponed the trip to next year – the producers asked for 5.4 million dollars to shoot the film that he must guarantee Government Film Fund: A move that sparked protests both in the scientific environment and among astronauts who accused the space agency of stealing resources that should be better used. For research activities in space exploration.

“After space tourism, business has now expanded to entertainment, and Moscow, the day after the celebration of the launch of the first Sputnik, beats Washington again. Roscosmos and its director, Dmitry Rogozin, have dedicated themselves It was determined that it is the outcome of a joint scientific education project targeting young people with Channel One TV. Corriere della Sera.

For the selection of actors, three thousand actresses applied through the Internet, among them twenty candidates were selected, and later got to the selection of the blonde Yulia Peresild and the protected Alina Mordovina, who is also a famous brown-haired face. Then the space agency provided a quick (almost like in the movie) training. About four months to introduce the guests to the Soyuz environment. After filming, the crew will return home on October 16 with Commander Oleg Novitsky in orbit since last April. Producers to shoot The film asked for 400 million rubles (about $5.4 million). which must be guaranteed by the State Film Fund.

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