Ngamaleu et Young Boys s’en sont sortis de justesse sur le terrain de Cluj.


Bernice Vincent Sierra scored 1-1 in the 93rd minute against Cluj in the third qualifying round of the Champions League. They do well.

Gangamale and the Young Boys escaped on the Close pitch.


How can we recover from the start a match like the one we saw Tuesday night between the Young Boys and the CFR Close? As part of this third qualifying round to enter the group stage of the Champions League, the Romanians opened the scoring with a free kick converted by Christian Manny after 184 seconds of play. In addition, it is not certain that the striker is not in an offside position. But at this point in the competition, video assistance is not recommended by UEFA.

A goal after 184 seconds

So Bernice was taken cold. To this question of how they recovered, the answer is very good. In the first half they were able to create two great chances. Meshzak Elijah, deflected by the opponent, almost fooled Klujin (34th)’s back guard, but that’s it … Christian Mania intervened last time to steal the ball from him.

In the second half, the Young Boys monopolized the ball, which was very low at the Romanian camp. But paradoxically, gatekeeper Kitrius Arlaskis was rarely called. The final issues do not appear to have been resolved by coach David Wagner.

Under these conditions, and in the presence of their public, Garnett still sought to double the outcome of the match, especially in counter-attacks.

Won training with Zero

However, it was a double game: Vincent Siero’s entry in the 84th minute and the referee’s odd idea of ​​stopping the eight – minute game for such an unworthy game. Following a free kick by the Romanian goalkeeper in the 93rd minute, Wallace was able to hold the ball 1-1 behind. The audience is fine.

So CFR Close cursed against Bernice. He already had to face a major disappointment on December 10, 2020 in Bern. YB won 2-1, while qualifying for the 16th round of the Europa League, thanks to two goals … in stop time.

Next week, despite a busy schedule, the Swiss champions will have the opportunity to cross the shoulder at home. This first leg draw puts them in a good position. To the nerves of their supporters, it would be even better if they did not wait until these glorious stops make a difference again.

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