Meta: Sheryl Sandberg inquired about planning a wedding with Facebook sources

Sheryl Sandberg decides to leave Facebook’s parent company Meta platforms, Was a surprise to many related to the tech giant. Sandberg may have been forced to resign from his post due to an institutional inquiry into his activities. Corporate resources to help you plan your next wedding.

The review has been going on since May The Wall Street Journal. The investigation also looks into allegations that Sandberg pressured the UK’s Daily Mail to “shut down” an article about his former partner Bobby Kodik, the CEO of Activision Blizzard.

Meta’s spokeswoman Carolyn Nolan told the WSJ: “This has nothing to do with the personal decision to leave.

Optional resignation

Sandberg, will be on board Meta Until the end of the year, announced Zuckerberg The intention to resign the post. Although his relationship with some of the other board members at times turned out to be difficult, those familiar with the matter reported that Sandberg’s decision was voluntary.

Meta’s spokeswoman Carolyn Nolan told the WSJ, “This has nothing to do with the personal decision he makes.”

Former and current meta staff said recently Business Insider Sandberg is gradually losing power in the company.

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