Juventus Turin celebrated its narrow victory over its guest, Roma, 1-0, in the eighth round of the Italian Serie A football championship, on Sunday evening.

The hosts took the lead in the 16th minute through Moise Kean, who came out of turmoil.

Shortly before the break, Roma suffered from fate: first, Abraham was fouled by Danilo, before Juventus goalkeeper Mkhitaryan shot Szesni. Abraham still pushed the ball over the goal line, but the referee decided a little earlier a penalty for Roman. Jordan Veritot takes it upon himself and fails his shot in the right half of a low kick at Chesney (44.).

Shortly after the team change, Kane fired from four meters over Roma’s vacant goal. After that, relatively little happened: Juventus was closed, Roma are rarely dangerous as a result and they have to go home empty-handed.

The capital took fourth place. Juventus is making its way to seventh place, one point behind the Romans.

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