Le Pen's concern is to convince her that she can win

Marine Le Pen has only one concern in life: Make him believe that he can win the presidential election or continue to believe. It all revolves around this question. This is not a minor issue when looking at the recent election results of the National Rally.

This is not a minor issue because it imposes a strategy for 2022, without a viable alternative. It was very clear on Sunday, July 4th. There is no way back, “To return to the National Front”, no doubt intensified. Marine Le Pen always reveals the opening game and will not be provocative.

The line was established and comes up with an idea: Islam is compatible with the Republic. Add up the debt he owes and the euro he no longer wants to give up. Pledges of seriousness are made to expand its electoral base.

What are the consequences after the defeat of the region?

Voters at the regional level are RN. Ignored, Marine Le Pen’s voters are more likely to abstain from these elections, but can make two decisions:

– Marine Le Pen brought this poll to the fore this weekend, where his voters did not go elsewhere and they did not vote for a rival, unlike in 2007 when they massively joined Nicolas Sarkozy. There, nothing, so they can return to the Marine Le Pen in the presidential election, an election that has so far amassed more than all the others.

– The second result of this vote is very embarrassing. What if voters no longer trust Marine Le Pen to overthrow this system? What if they tell themselves that she will never do it? This is the RN. A question that is open to executives as well.

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22 activities for 2022

So what can Marine Le Pen do by 2022? He said it well on Sunday, do not change anything, believe beyond this, to find a dynamic that is “not natural anymore”, he agrees, A dynamic “it must be recreated”.

Since September, he will take 22 steps to 2022, which is his second, young Jordan Bardella this week summarizing his candidate’s situation: “Nothing is lost, there is still a way out”. We have enjoyed the National Rally very successfully in recent months.

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