Plane on the highway, what to do around town: Single episode

A plane was seen in the street. The news is unbelievable, that's why this could happen, no one expected it.

Airplane in the street – Aerotime

We'll tell you why A plane was seen in the street. This is what she was doing on a regular city street instead of on a runway inside the airport, as is usual.

Spotted a plane on the road

How many times have we seen a plane in the sky, or if we're lucky, take off on the runway at the airport while we were waiting to board? Maybe a lot. But this time A plane was seen in the street By many people who saw fit to document what happened. When the photos started spreading, many netizens started wondering why this happened.

Airplane in the street – Aerotime

Moreover, users also wondered where this extraordinary event took place. It's certainly not every day that you see a plane moving through your average city. We have already told you that we are in Southampton, which is a very famous place in England. The plane in question was none other than… Baccalaureate 1-11, a twin-jet monoplane airliner. In fact, it wasn't the entire plane, just part of it. But what was this plane doing on the road? Below we reveal the reasons for this.

That's what he was doing there

Many people were able to watch the plane's journey on the road, as it transported itself to its final destination, the Solent Sky Museum. BAC 1-11 was built in Christchurch, Dorset, not recently. They did this in the 1960s and traveled for many years until 2000. Then, at a certain point, it should have been Destroyed. Until then, park it in Cornwall.

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Plane in the street – Daily Echo

But then we changed our minds and decided to renovate it and take it to the Aviation Museum in Southampton for use Cafe. It's not the only unique pub, like the one in the cave. This aircraft is a model that will certainly arouse great interest from all visitors to the relevant museum and beyond. This is because it is a truly unique experience to be able to eat breakfast or simply have coffee inside an abandoned plane. This is because this will be the last British aircraft to be built within the country itself. As Alan Jones, director of the Solent Sky Museum, revealed, transportation across the region's roads to reach the museum was not easy at all, but the task was accomplished admirably, attracting the attention of many citizens. In fact, no one expects to see an airplane on the street, perhaps while going to work or about to return home.


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