We don’t serve you anymore Maxime Brito, which for years has been training groups of young (and not young) developers on iOS and iPadOS, really educational video courses and above all suitable for all levels. If you’re interested in app programming on the iPad but want to learn more before you get started, you can now access a free Maxime course available on his Purple Giraffe website. There is nothing else to do but access This page To take advantage of the full free one-hour lesson Code your first app with Swift Playgrounds. The only small compulsory pass, registration (always free) on the site.

This one hour class will give youBasics of Swift UI Application Development With Swift Playgrounds, a tool that perfectly adapts to discover programming in Swift. And be warned, because after this hour of training, Maxime Britto’s course will also explain how to port your app to Xcode (the development tool provided with maOS) and how to submit it on the App Store. Total in total. Of course, those who want to know more will be able to access it Many other still educational courses (including 1 free hour to learn how to program an iPhone app).

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