Microsoft just introduced a new type of mouse: the plastic ocean mouse, which is made from recycled plastic.

So the Microsoft Surface event will be rich in ads. While Microsoft introduces the expected Surface Pro 8 and Surface Duo 2, the company surprises you with the Ocean Plastic Mouse, a computer mouse made from recycled plastic from the oceans.

While GAFA is often accused of being the biggest polluter of our century, Microsoft is launching a first initiative, from green wash Some would say, to show that change is possible. With this mouse, the company founded in 1976 is taking a first step towards the environment by recycling plastic from the oceans to give them a second life, in an environment that does no harm to turtles and other marine animals.

© Microsoft

green mouse

Microsoft announced that this mouse is made from 20% recycled plastic, the latter being pelleted before being reassembled again. As for the packaging of this green product, Microsoft is once again bringing its “green” touch. The latter is actually designed from sugarcane fibres, which makes it possible to offer a product without any additional plastic. An example of recycling.

Regarding the technical details of this mouse, it is unfortunately not the most efficient in its field. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for a distance of 10cm by 5cm, this 84g mini mouse will blend perfectly on the desk. Battery-wise, it’s powered by an AA battery already installed by Microsoft Teams. It should be available on October 5 in the US for $25.

Plastic pollution of the oceans today represents one of the biggest environmental problems. With a “plastic ocean” floating in the heart of the Indian Ocean, actions are increasing to reduce the consequences of this pollution. After big companies like Apple or Wikipedia, it’s Microsoft that decided to make a gesture for the planet.

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