A cup without milk, bread and light.  The government requested assistance from the United Nations World Food Program for the first time

After alarm over flour shortages, Cuba has now asked the United Nations for support regarding the milk shortage. Having long struggled to ensure that its subsidized programs to provide milk to children ages zero to seven work, the Cuban government has officially requested assistance from the program for the first time. […]

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1 euro for the first month

After the alert is on Flour shortageNow Cuba has asked the United Nations for support Lack of milk. Having long struggled to ensure that subsidized milk programs for children ages zero to seven work, the Cuban government has formally requested assistance from… World Food Programme (Bam) of the United Nations, which already responded by sending an emergency message in February 144 tons of milk In skimmed powder. Directors of World Food Program Headquarters A Havana They noted that this aims to support “the monthly delivery program implemented by the government A kilogram of powdered milk For children up to seven years of age, in addition to the available liquid product.

The United Nations is considered a “Urgent need” for continuation of care plan The government thus stressed “the importance of this request,” especially in the context of “the deep economic crisis facing Cuba,” which has a “significant impact on the food and nutrition security of the population.” In this regard, at the beginning of the week, the official Cuban media admitted that they would be there Important difficulties In coverage until the end of March Production of 700 tons of bread It targets low-income groups due to the scarcity of wheat flour.

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Distribution crisis Bread and milk Coinciding with the return of the power outage due to… Fuel shortages over the past two months. The state company Unión Eléctrica (Une) estimated that these events would occur on Monday, February 25 Simultaneous power outage In approximately 32% of the island in the afternoon and evening hours, which are the times of greatest consumption. All this at a time when the Caribbean country is in crisis Severe economic recessionand has emerged in recent years From US sanctions and the pandemic.


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