The laser scandal in the penalty shootout for Egypt and Senegal in the play-off match of the World Cup in Qatar

* Mohamed Salah penalty kick with laser hug

This is Tuesday Senegal Stamp your ticket to World Cup Qatar Punishment kicks EgyptJust like he did in the cup final Africa. An unusual moment occurred in this duel due to the constant interference of laser beams used by fans from the stands to disturb the team that was leading. Mohamed Salah.

The second leg of the play-off match was held in Diamniadio Olympic Stadium, On DakarAnd the Senegalwhere 50 thousand viewers The stands filled up to support their team who had to reverse the 1-0 result incurred last week in Egypt. was the attacker Boulay Zia The one who scored the only goal in the match this Tuesday and extended the definition to the extension, as no feuds were tied and thus the pass to Qatar It was resolved on penalties.

Local fans have played an important role in the executions since, At least 30 lasers were lit each time it was necessary to finish the match in front of goal. Obviously, the green lights were always annoying to the Egyptian goalkeeper or the visiting team’s outlet. Neither the referee nor the security did anything to stop this prohibited practice.

Lasers were present from the first minute of the match and obstructed the view of the visiting footballers who complained on several occasions to the judge and his assistants, who did not seem too concerned about solving the problem.

* Highlights of the match between Senegal and Egypt

An unprecedented penalty situation occurred because the first four, two for each side, were wrong. Salah, the big star in his chosen team, threw him over the crossbar. Egypt He barely made one of his four shots and that’s why he was eliminated when sanea partner wrong – wrong – wrong at Liverpoolscored him and closed 3-1 in the series.

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In this way, what happened in the final Africa Cup who devoted to Senegal In February this year against the same competitor. Combining Aliou Sissi Celebrate again, this time not a title, but a rating to the next Globalismwhich has also been accessed Ghana after elimination Nigeria In the play-off

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