Nakui - This American star who came to Dharata with the army:

This Wednesday, July 21, 2021, நாகுய் Was in charge of a new number Everyone wants to take its place, In France 2. The 59-year-old presenter released a spine-cutting revelation about one of his guests at his concert. தாரதாதா.

Melanie Page’s husband hosts several shows, among them தாரதாதா. A show where artists are invited to come with one or more songs. Nagui saw a lot of people going, and he continues to say about a few people. For example, today, he made a revelation to one of the candidates, Daniel Everyone wants to take its place.

The participant had to figure out who explained the topic At the Da Club. And he hit the nail on the head when he called the rapper 50 cents. After he gave the correct answer, Nagui said: “I saw a few bodyguards depending on the stars that came in … but 50 cents, if we had a security gate, it would have sounded permanent! There were guns everywhere.“Continue with more humor:”I think it was not two ball music, there were many balls!“If 50 cents never traveled unarmed, it’s because he died in 2000 to settle accounts.

As a reminder, Nagui will soon lead to Lawrence Pocolini. He has made the choice to live longer Everyone wants to take their placee. “It has been almost three years since I mentioned the need to update the game if I want to update. I felt a gap between the show and me. When I talked about it, they tried to justify it to me. I asked if I was sure, if it wasn’t a slump, if it wasn’t a blues. I was advised to take a vacation. But no. I’m not too hungry. (…) I want to stop before someone stops me. I will not go back on this exam“, He explained, especially in mid-April Parisian.


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