1860 München: So verabschiedet sich der Investor von Sascha Mölders

In Division 3, Munich and Saska Molders moved separately in 1860. This is also unfortunate for the “Löwen” investor.

The dispute lasted for several weeks 1860 Munich And now the former captain Sasha Molders. Eventually, the contract with the player was terminated.

In the end, the players and the club were at least in agreement with the official announcement, among other things, the Essen-born Molders were quoted as saying: “I have seen a lot with Lowen since 2016. I was pushed into the regional league and immediately promoted to the Third Division, I am proud to be the captain of this team and return with many more wonderful experiences. I’m always stretching my fingers for the team and I hope the club can achieve its goals. Thank you. To all the fans who have always stood by me. “

Now the club’s investor also said, Hassan Ismail | Leave a comment via Facebook. He regrets the unpopular decision between the club and the striker. “Dear Saska Molders, It saddens me that this has come to an end because you stood in TSV 1860 at a very difficult time. I am proud of you for that. You gave football a face in 1860. Your goals have brought us to this point. Third, you and your goals Will be remembered in 1860. Unfortunately, football is fast, it always involves changes in staff, not always without painful consequences.I wish you all the best for your sport and on behalf of my family and personal future.

It is not yet clear where the attacker is going.

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