Albilip and the Blues celebrated the New World Coronation

The French cycling team celebrated the new world title of Julian Alleppey, a testament to the videos shared on Hero Hero social networks of the day.

Decibels after watts. The riders of the French cycling team celebrated the new world title of Julian Alabilip on Sunday. The hero of the day shared several videos of the Sunday evening celebrations on his account Instagram.

Vegetream, hot stuff …

The crew and his fellow passengers left after an excellent race. During the French football team’s World Cup title in 2018, they borrowed the team to “bring home the trophy” from Webrideem.

Feast after the coronation of Julian Alabilip
Celebrate Instagram Instagram after the coronation of Julian Alabilip

The Rainbow Jersey featured prominently during this joint time, as it underscores its collective success. Clement Russo, Valentine Madovas or Benoit Cosnefroy, the beer in hand, used these rare moments to shake his hips over Donna Summers’ hit hot stuff, made famous by the entire Monty movie.

Marianne Roose, a friend of Julian Alleppey, also attended the party. The natives of Saint-Amand-Montrand began to celebrate with applause from the stage again with the Belgian public. He won the solo after the singles at Louvain, escaping alone 16 kilometers from the end.

“In the final, everyone was focused on Van Eir, Colbroelli, Van der Boyle, he told RMC Sport. In a round like Louvain, you don’t have to think about it. “

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