VFP Stuttgart: Silas Vamankituka's real name is Kattomba Mwumba

Professional footballer Silas Vamankituka played for two years under the false identity of VFP Stuttgart. Congo recently revealed to the VFP that he was “a victim of the maneuvers of his ex-soldiers agent” and that Vamangituka was not his real name. This was announced by the Bundesliga Club.

Hence his proper name is Silas Kattomba Mwumba. The date of birth of the striker is also incorrect. According to VFP, Silas was born in Kinshasa on October 6, 1998, and is now 22 years old, one year older than originally stated.

Some I have been living with constant fear for the past few years and am very worried about my family in Congo. Revealing my story is a difficult step for me, ”Katomba Mwumba said in a statement.

The VfB professional is not afraid of any consequences. They are in contact with the German Football League (DFL) and the German Football Association (DFP). According to the legal assessment of the facts, one considers that “Silas had the right license to play and is still going on.” In addition, one assumes that Katomba Mwumba will receive a new qualification to play at the right time under his real name.

VFP Stuttgart investigates legal proceedings

According to VfB, a former player must have been misidentified by an agent. He allowed the then 19-year-old to live with him in Paris and, according to the player, changed his name and date of birth. One suspects that this happened on the one hand to prevent contact with the striker’s training club, and on the other hand it increased Silas’ dependence on the agent. Legal action against the former agent is currently being investigated by the player and the club.

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According to the VfB, “It is not clear if Silas received any financial benefits from his former agent’s actions.” Meanwhile, according to the VFP, Silas Katomba Mwumba holds a valid Congolese passport with his or her personal details.

The DFP control panel is investigating the case

Silas Kattomba Mwumba VFP from the summer of 2019. Last season he scored 13 goals in 27 league and cup games. He has a contract with VFP Stuttgart until 2024. The player suffered a torn cruciate ligament injury in his right knee during a game against Bayern Munich in March.

Meanwhile, the German Football Association announced that it was handling the case. “The DFP control panel will review the matter in light of the player’s criminal misconduct,” it said in a statement. There is a valid theatrical permit issued by the DFL. Apart from this, there are no appeals pending in the DFP Sports Court against the game ratings. It said these could no longer be filed as the deadline had expired.


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