Great Britain will send asylum seekers illegally admitted to Rwanda -
from Paula de Carolis

Boris Johnson’s government reached an agreement with Rwanda: the agreement is inhumane and cruel by humanitarian organizations

London – for Boris Johnson Rwanda is one of the safest countries in the world. That the British government intends to send those who have arrived in the country illegally with those who have entered it without proper procedures from January onwards, a one-way trip whose aim is to Solve the immigration problem and stop the activities of criminal gangs who organize temporary passages through the canal, endangering the lives of thousands of people.

If only a few months ago the same executive criticized the African country Because of the lack of respect for human rights, Rwanda today is, according to Johnson, a dynamic country where immigrants are fully integrated and where those who have left their homeland can be part of a new renaissance. The Prime Minister announced the plan at Led Airport, Kent, while his Home Secretary, Priti Patel, was in Kigali to sign a £120m economic development agreement. With around 600 refugees crossing the English Channel every day, the Royal Navy will patrol British waters from now on.

There is no limitJohnson said, Number of immigrants accepted by Rwanda. The Prime Minister said that in the coming years, a country will be able to host tens of thousands of people. What about human rights? Torture of detainees denounced by various humanitarian associations? Rwanda has completely changed. Johnson emphasized that it has completely changed in the past few decades. about 6000 kilometers from London, which those who reach Great Britain without going through the authorized channels will end up with, Whether they are men or women with children.

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The plan has already been criticized by humanitarian organizations as cruel and inhuman. and the oppositionBeside several deputies From the same party as Johnson, They replied with bewilderment. Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, who represented the declaration, said, according to him, it seemed to me a wholly impractical and unacceptable plan. Attempt to divert the audience’s attention From the Parties to Downing Street
during closing, The fine has already been received And the additional sanctions that the Prime Minister may be exposed to, it seems, in the coming days. Surprised and unconvinced even conservative Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense, according to which it is hard to imagine how such a program could work.

The same Nigel Faragewho for years has been the voice that has consistently called for Britain to leave the European Union, as he put it Unbelievable doubts. An initiative that can succeed in the short term, but in the long term there will be problems with human rights and everything must be undone.

Not for JohnsonHe stressed that the program was made possible thanks to the new freedoms due to Britain’s exit from the European Union. Details are missing. When will it start and how? there The new immigration law The limitations that the parliamentary process currently faces could be an important step towards implementation. Johnson said there will be critics and opponents asking where the mercy is. He replied: No mercy for killing hundreds of people at sea.


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