Elon Musk Looking for 4 Properties When Hiring New High Quality Staff
Elon Musk, one of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs at the time, explained what he was looking for when hiring high-level employees.

Tesla, Company Elon Musk, Is currently looking for experts to connect with its staff. With the aim of recruiting candidates, “AI Day“, The founder of the company showed the progress they are making in the field of artificial intelligence. This event led Jason Atten, Specializes in journal writing technology and innovations Inc., To remember Tweet In which Musk Explain what they are 4 features What do you expect from your prospective employees, Write a column Explains each of the qualities intended.

One can imagine working experience in the field of engineering and university degrees in this field or around it. The chancellor was surprised by the list of things that may seem simple at first glance but are very difficult to find.

Ordering Musk Focused on The four characteristics are more related to human abilities than techniques. In particular, these are: “Very hard work ethic, ability to create things, general knowledge and reliability”. The reason for prioritizing these over technical knowledge, however, depends Musk, “We can practice the rest”. In this sense, the owner of the most innovative companies in the world understands it Characteristics related to human traits are preferred because they are not easily changed; In contrast to other things that can be learned.

Elon Musk's tweet lists the qualities he seeks in his staff
Elon Musk’s tweet lists the qualities he seeks in his staff

A “super difficult” work protocol

Athens Understand it this time Musk That means you need the people you have 100% commitment to his work, It works with seriousness and delivers the expected results. By this I mean, it does not make sense Musk Or, these people should work harder or be exploited at work, but they “The company is ready to move and work towards its full goal”. A company in size and scale is expected Space X -Or of those handled Elon Musk– Expect a high level of commitment and effort from your employees.

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Ability to create objects

Although it is possible Musk At the time he was referring to the ability to create products because at the time he was looking for people to work on the production chain of his rockets, Athens Do not believe that “this quality manual is for assembly only”. Understand that there may be a connection to that as well Ability to create projects, Starting from anywhere many times, and Achieve company objectives. “As an entrepreneur, creating products is one of your most important roles. As you surround yourself with others with similar abilities, you can multiply your efforts“, Wrote Athens.

07-26-2021 Launch of the Balkan Heavy from Space X.
07-26-2021 Launch of the Balkan Heavy from Space X.

general knowledge

While it may seem logical to say that it is necessary to employ people of common sense, “The problem is, it is usually a rare subject and very difficult to teach. Unfortunately, one might argue that common sense is not very common.“, In the states Athens. General knowledge is very important for an employer The task force needs to make good decisionsAnd, therefore, the work can be quietly handed over. The technician says it in the following words: “As a manager, you hope that your team will make good decisions, even if you are not. It is the recognition that general knowledge is often more valuable than any particular skill.”.


This last aspect refers to the fact that it is important Give priority to a person’s character rather than academic merit, Because, step Athens, “Good character is probably the most important qualification”. “It is wrong to hire someone you do not trust because you have a trusted degree or experience. Even if you have to work a lot, it pays more in the long run when you have to fix the problems they cause.“, He added Athens. In this way, the author agrees with Musk that if a person is not trusted, they cannot be a good link to the company.

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This is remarkable The end of Kasturi’s sentence, “We can practice the rest”. With this, the entrepreneur who knows how to be the richest in the world for a few months at the beginning of this year shows his confidence, Unlike questions related to the human nature of human beings, technical knowledge can be acquired and refined. This is why it prioritizes these types of skills when selecting its employees.

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