Dear bills, by contrast Italy spends 62.6 billion

To counteract high bills, only in the EU27 have executives in Germany and France allocated more resources in absolute terms than those put in by the Draghi government. If between September 2021 to date Berlin Approved calculation in several years is equal to 264.2 billion from the euro, ParisInstead, he intended to 71.6 billionWhile the Draghi government spent 62.6 billion. This is said by the CGIA research office that processed Bruegel’s data, which shows how German families and companies will be able to benefit from a total amount of aid equal to 7.4 percent of GDP.

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In terms of GDP, the only country ahead of the Germans is Malta (7.7 percent). This is specifically followed by Germany (7.4), Lithuania (6.6), Greece (5.7) and the Netherlands (5.3). Overall, last year, 26 EU countries (data from Hungary are not available) made €566.2 billion available to families and businesses, equivalent to 3.9% of European GDP.

To counter the exorbitant bills, CGIA continues, The Meloni government can dispose of no more than 15 billion in the latter part of 2022 The euro, 10 of which have been left as a “legacy” to CEO Draghi and another 5 must come from the European Union. Indeed, Brussels could allow individual countries to recover 2014-2020 structural funds that have not yet been spent or committed in a binding manner. If the new government is to extend, as is likely, the measures approved by the Land Aid Decree (cost of about 5 billion euros) next December, in our opinion the other ten billion available is certainly significant, but Not enough to sterilize the additional costs that families and businesses will have to bear In the latter part of the year.

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