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There is controversy over the last mission of the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in KenyaWhere he participated in the foundation stone laying ceremony for the Neurological and Psychiatric Hospital New Uhuru International Neuropsychiatric Hospitalinitiative San Donato group From Milan and its subsidiary GK Investment Holding Group Who will rely on the private University of Milan to train local operators Vita-Salute San Raffaele. But it is not about the African affairs of the private Italian health giant, since it was the presence of the minister that provoked the protests of many Italian associations dealing with Psychological healthThe signatories of a letter addressed to the Prime Minister Mario DraghiI have the same May and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. “Italy in Africa denies the reform of Pasaglia and inaugurates a building Mental hospital In Kenya, “the title of the open letter directing questions to the three offices of state, beginning with the presence of the minister at the inauguration of work” contradicts not only the strategies and laws on the subject. for our country but also with the international agreements signed by Italy.”

Between June 12 and 14, Luigi Di Maio visited SomaliaAnd the Ethiopia And the Kenya. In the lack of interest of international agencies, something was reported by Italian agencies. The official reason is to strengthen international cooperation on the continent, after recent weeks’ missions in Congo, Mozambique, Algeria and Angola where Italy is looking for energy alternatives and Di Maio introduced himself with the CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi. But there is also support for other private investments in Italy. Among Di Maio’s commitments, for example, is a visit to Konza Smart City (Nairobi), proposed as the first sustainable technology hub, houses the Vicenza Group Maltoro construction company, IMC, a giant with a turnover of half a billion euros (+34% in 2021) that will also be responsible for building roads, parks, water purification plants and waste collection. The presence of the Minister at another event, this time together with the Vice-Presidents of the San Donato Group, is further discussed, Paulo Rutelli And the Kamel Gharibi.

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The former head of the political hospital group is absent Angelino AlfanoSeveral times with the minister BerlusconiAnd the Read And the Renzi Finally with Gentiloni to foreign countries. His absence is justified. It used to take precedence over business in Africa Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republicgranted to him by the President Sergio Mattarella Only on the same days. To be replaced by the two deputies, who were in Di Maio’s presence “real mental health castle It is located on the outskirts of Nairobi.” “We are creating a modern structure for the treatment of mental illness which is becoming an increasingly widespread problem in a society like Kenyan and African in general, which in recent years has moved from rural to urban. So, there are new health problems, Typical of city lifesuch as mental disorders related to anxiety, depression and addiction.” Presentation of work before the President of the Republic of Kenya Uhuru KenyattaIt will occupy eighty hectares of the western suburbs of Nairobi and will be able to host 600 patientsA reference point for all of Central and East Africa.

Another reading is reading National Mental Health Coordination, which talks about “asylum” and responds with an open letter to the Prime Minister and the government signed by the National Federation of Mental Health Associations (UNASAM), the Stopopg Watch, the Mental Health Forum, Democratic Psychiatry and the Conf. Basaglia Permanent Mental Health Neil Mundo, Basic Health Act, Franca and Franco Basaglia Foundation and Italian Society of Psychiatric Epidemiology (Siep). “Italy is the first country to close psychiatric hospitals: Civilians between 1978 and 1999 and Judicial in 2017 and built a regional network of mental health services. Although this network is currently suffering greatly, Italy is still recognized in the world, and a reference point for the World Health Organization, as it has begun a major process of removing people with mental and sports diseases from institutions. recognition of their civil and social rights that were previously denied them“, we read in the letters. For these reasons it seems to us worrying The presence of the Secretary of State for the opening of a psychiatric hospital isolated in the countryside like the old sanatoriums which, like this one, should serve a vast area.”

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Hence Draghi, Speranza and Di Maio himself demand “clear answers” to the questions closing the letter. “If it is legitimate for people to do business as they think, why should a minister Shepherds An act that contradicts not only the strategies and laws on the subject of our country but also the international conventions to which Italy is a signatory on the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities and with the WHO guidelines on mental health policies. ? And then: “The Minister of Health was consulted on this political endorsement which the Secretary of State gave to the choice Which refutes its guiding principles? Finally: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular “Development Cooperation”, plans to provide a FinanceDirectly or indirectly, for such an operation or has it already taken steps in this direction? “. call him ilfattoquotidiano.itThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Health at the moment has not decided to comment.


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