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Indract Frankfurt Mario Gotze signed. This is Hessen’s transfer plot – and a great opportunity for Godzilla.

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Götze exchange fixed! | Hessenschau game since 06/21/2022


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Everyone knows what football history is like. “Rahn has to shoot from the background.” “Soulscare won it.” “We report from the abyss.” .

How about writing football history, who knows ?! Good? More than good? Or less? Should such a massive experience always inspire you or will it even become a burden? Mario Gotze, as one of the few who knows, after 2014, as Marcel Reef recently said, you always had the feeling that he would always play against this goal.

Not risk, but an opportunity

He did it so well in the Netherlands recently, perhaps because he has matured and the burden of success there has not fallen heavily on his shoulders. Götze is now moving to Eintracht Frankfurt, where he returns to a country that once went to football paradise. An exciting move because a player like Godse was unthinkable for a long time for Eintracht Frankfurt. But one thing that brings Coates back to attention is that he once escaped. It is not a risk by any means, but a great opportunity.

A player considered the best talent of his generation, perhaps even globally. No one has been able to fully fulfill this promise for a variety of reasons. Escape from the public magnifying glass and he chooses to go abroad to get back on track with a club really big. Then he comes to Reconciliation to show it to everyone again (he’s really great). Then keep the promise. This is the story of Prince Kevin Kevin Padeng.

Götze rediscovered himself

It may have belonged to Götze. Because like Boateng, the football class never went with Götze, it only lost for various reasons. Misfortune with Injuries, Metabolic Disease, Lucian Favre. Being a football player should always depend on luck. Does this change work, does that trainer understand me, does this muscle tighten? The early stages of Mario Gotze’s life in Germany are divided with a lot of luck and the next stage is very short. In the Netherlands, one hears that Godse has rediscovered himself. Luck – a lot of work, of course – was brought to his side.

The fact that Godse is moving to Eintracht, not to Benfica or Miami, suggests he still needs to settle for a score. Like Boateng in 2018. According to reports, Götze was shot for change and he wants to know again. Frankfurt should be a good place for that. A club that welcomes a player like Götze as a gift. His fans are also angry with this change. “Everything applies to me, from the stadium to the fans to the city,” Kotse said during his presentation. Fact: For someone like him, the Frankfurt environment can be as important a factor as it was for other players before him.

He doesn’t have to write the story

For all of this, he needs to avoid injuries, be lucky, and prove that he is truly mature. Patience is required on both sides. Eintracht Frankfurt could be a great opportunity for Mario Gotze, anyway. Götze does not even have to write football history for that. Do what he can more than most anyway: play football.

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