Google released the second a few days ago Android 13 developer preview It has been released, which has an amazing number of new features in its bag and makes you want to go for the first beta. We have already brought you all the important innovations in the smartphone operating system and now everything is clearly presented again in the form of a video: a hands-on with the best new features.

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Although Google has just released Android 12L as final version, it is still ready Android 13 The next version is already in the starting blocks. A few days ago, the second and final developer preview was published, which will be followed by the first beta in mid-April. This is also the version that all users can trust and usually do not have to fear any major problems.

We got to you shortly after the release of our second developer preview All innovations Illustrated, which is currently primarily cosmetic in nature, and in the functional area, bring the new QR code reader with them. However, it is no less interesting, because a lot has happened with Android 12 in terms of design and user interface, which will be further improved with Android 13 or expanded to additional areas.

In the next video you can see the most important innovations again in a quick view. Just take eight and a half minutes and you’ll already know what to expect with the first beta of Android 13 or half a year later with the final release.

00:25 – Media player UI updated again!
1:51 – Notification shade adjustments
2:05 – Renamed “Do Not Disturb”
2:25 – Device controls become ‘Home’
2:42 – QR Code Scanner Scanner Works
3:06 – Toggle Security & Privacy
3:32 – Installed settings and power switches
3:53 – “Active apps”
4:15 – Lock screen tweaks
4:48 – Allow notification popup
5:17 – Custom guest profile avatars
5:40 – Big screen taskbar tweaks
6:11- More touch and vibration controls
6:29 – Application languages
6:53 – New UI for screensaver
7:21 – Built-in font size and display controls

This makes you want to see the first beta, which should be released according to Google’s schedule in mid-March. From the upcoming release, the presented innovations are almost fixed and rarely removed from the operating system. It’s a little different from developer previews, but so far no highly experimental features have been discovered in this generation that can be pulled back afterwards.

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