Le programme de Macron plus favorable à la croissance, dit le Medef

Image source: Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – Emmanuel Macron’s program is more suitable for growth and employment than Marine Le Pen’s, the French Movement for Enterprises (MEDEF) considered in a press release published on Monday, but did not provide any instructions. vote.

According to the Organization of Employers, “the Emmanuel Macron program is the most suitable for ensuring the growth of the economy and employment in our country”, even if it has “holes”.

The project implemented by Marine Le Pen, on the contrary, “would lead the country to drop out compared to its neighbors and put it on the margins of the European Union.” Expenses (that) would put the country in trouble.”

On Sunday evening, the CFDT called for a vote against the National Rally candidate in the second round of the presidential election on April 24.

According to the final results of the first round of the presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron received 27.84% of the vote in the first round and Marine Le Pen received 23.15%.

(Nicholas Delam, Editing by Tange Salone)

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