Mcdonald’s deux nouveaux burgers appétissants bientôt disponibles !

This summer, McDonald’s is innovating by releasing two new delicious burgers with street food touches. We salivate in advance!

As usual, McDonald’s is innovating. Fast food giant who will be adding soon Two new burgers on their menu. MCE TV tells you all about this catchy ad.

Two street food inspired burgers طعام

The king of fast food has struck again. Yeah! McDonald’s never lacks ideas to make its customers hungry. After innovation with Two specialties inspired by JapanThe company returns the cover.

However, there is no need to rush to the nearest McDonald’s. Because the good news It doesn’t matter to our beautiful country right now. McDonald’s already Decided to book the new burgers…for their Israeli customers.

So the American company is preparing to add to its lists Mac Kebab and Mac Falafel. You will have already understood it, everything is in the title. Thus Mak Kebab is a burger that takes its inspiration from the popular street food dish that we no longer serve.

As for the mac falafel, it will be of course Delicious hummus balls Falaleel lovers will appreciate it very much. And there will also be something new about bread.

The recipes will be Made with pita bread. For these sandwiches, McDo’s planned to add lettuce, tomato, and onion. To complete the recipe, the burgers are generously brushed with tahini. Our drooling!

If these two new recipes are not found at the moment Not in the list of French restaurants, Do not give up. Because if the operation is successful in Israel, then perhaps it will come to us after …

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McDonald’s brings apple pie back to life

So if mac kebab and mac falafel don’t appear in France at the moment, fast food chain However, do not forget about its French customers.

Because the celebration of great pomp Restaurants reopen After the Covid-19 pandemic, McDonald’s remembered the forgotten classic on its menus.

And yes! For 3 days until Sunday 14th JuneApple Pie is back in a mini version. After its success, apple sales retired in the early 2000s.

It was removed from the menu, and this dessert was considered too rich. already included Fairly high calorie index : 270 calories for 79 grams.

He fell into oblivion for a while, so he just did Back for the weekend. Something that satisfies all desires. On Twitter, the return in favor of McDonald’s apple sales was accompanied by cheerful comments.

“I love him and have been waiting for him to come back for 21 years!”, announces his pleasure to the Internet user. On the other hand, others already regret not seeing the recipe. They appear again only three days.

“But why only three days!? I need it all year round… my daily dose”Sorry about that other customer. Understandably, the return of apple pie to McDonald’s Weekend event.

Who knows what the fast food brand could have in store for us in the future? In the meantime, votes are already rising on the social networks of The return of the first chicken. And you, the classic from the movie “Mcdo” would like to see it return?

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