Bruno Le Maire buried the last hopes of the SAM staff in Viviez, on Wednesday 24 November at franceinfo. “There is no credible attempt to acquire SAM, let’s say it honestly and transparentlyThe Minister of Economy announced when asked about the fate of the Aveyron foundry.

Renault announced Tuesday evening, November 23, that it would not support the sole bid to take over the plant in the Decazeville Basin, made by former president Patrick Bility. However, SAM is one of the major subcontractors to the automaker, and has just under 350 employees.

We’ve been working on a solution for months“Bruno Le Maire swears Wednesday morning”.If there was a strong and promising show, it would have been imposed one way or another. (…) But this is not the case“.

What I expect from Renault is exemplary employee behavior

The minister asks Renault now, in which the state is still a shareholder, to follow the fate of the workers of Sam: “What I expect from Renault is exemplary employee behavior (…). Because Decazeville Basin is very hard“.

Means reclassification, means support, means training, means Renault, which has dozens of other production sites, must support every employee until they find a job and a door. worthy exit“, he added.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, Renault confirmed that it will continue “a dialogue with SAM employees in order to offer them alternative recruitment solutions within the Renault Group”.

Captured in 2017 by China’s Jinjiang Group, Aveyron Metals Corporation, headquartered in Viviez on Decazeville Heights, was placed in receivership on December 10, 2019, and then on September 16, in liquidation with activity extended. Dec 10.

The Toulouse Commercial Court is scheduled to announce the liquidation on Friday, after a series that lasted several months.


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