Amazon, a livré à Jillian Cannan 150 colis par erreur depuis le 5 juin 2021.
Since June 5, 2021, Amazon has delivered Jillian Cannan 150 US bundles! (© Daria

These aren’t Hogwarts acceptance letters… but mask bearers In the hundreds that this American received from New York on her doorstep In less than a month, according to CNN.

“It was my address”

In general, the e-commerce business that we no longer offer, Amazon, handed over to Gillian Cannan 150 wrong packages Since June 5, 2021. Problem: She doesn’t have them did not order.

I checked the addresses on the parcel and it was mine, but it wasn’t my name.

Gillian Canan

Amazon couldn’t do anything

inside packages, Hundreds of struts Masks to preserve tissues around the mouth for better comfort. Gillian Cannan tried to contact Amazon, who advised her to keep the parcel and put a ticket in it to report the error, but to no avail: Packages keep it up.

Amazon was unable, even after a second call, to determine if the packages were so Scam, or a simple mistake. According to Gillian, the company is working hard to try and stop parcels. But even when this American and her husband tried to refuse them, nothing worked.

Give them instead of throwing them away…

When Amazon finally understood, without giving any further explanation, who they are mask bearers, Gillian, who owns a New York-based company, decided to create “do-it-yourself” kits for patients in Children’s Hospital from his city.

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The rest of the packages were also delivered to the hospital by Amazon, at Jillian’s request, which plans to talk about the initiative to other hospitals in its area.

Marion Adrast

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