Tokyo 2021 Olympics: Florent Manado and Bernil Bloom have a

Florent Manado and Bernil Bloom have arrived in Tokyo. Two swimmers are patiently waiting for the start of the Olympics. Laura Manado’s brother shared a story from the village on Instagram where love did not attract attention due to health measures.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will take place tomorrow at 1pm (French time). The competition should be held behind closed doors due to a health emergency declared in the host city. In fact, Japan fears a resurgence of the delta variant of the Covit-19. However, if some rumors suggest that the much-anticipated match this summer has not yet been postponed, it should eventually happen. More than 11,000 athletes have already arrived in the Japanese capital While waiting for the official start of the tests. Among them, the world’s No. 2 tennis player Daniel Medvedev. The latter did not hesitate to defend the proposed infrastructure for the event and was criticized by some athletes.

Florent Manado: The swimmer is already in the 2021 Olympics

Even the most anticipated other athlete Already there. This is Florent Manado. The French swimmer, who won gold in the 50-meter freestyle at the 2012 London Olympics, will try to shine back to France. Laura Manado’s brother can count on the support of his partner, Bernille Bloom. The swimmer competes for the Danish team. Another appeared on Instagram on Friday, July 22, 2021, with a smile. Thirty-one shared a story of her appearing with a beautiful blonde at a restaurant in the village. Two love birds Separated by a glass panel. Also, with a touch of humor, Florent Manado writes in the title: “Govt date with Bloom in Bern“.

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A few months ago this young woman was found to be positive for Covit-19, which harassed a member of the Sergil des Knoors Marseille. “Three weeks ago and not yet deliveredHe then expressed confidence in his community. Now everything seems to be going very well.



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