The 'journey' of the Queen's crown from Elizabeth's coffin to the Tower
From Enrica Rodolfo

The Imperial Crown on the coffin sparkles with three thousand jewels with an orb and sceptre: they will return to the Tower of London where only the Crown Jewels are kept after Monday’s funeral. So ready for the coronation of Charles III

from our reporter
London. In front of the coffin on the high casket in Westminster HallFor everyone to have a personal matter of their relationship with the Queen. With the queen and the crown, represented by the imperial headdress observing the royal standard that wraps the coffin.

The Crown Jeweler will follow her to Windsor on Monday, ready to return it before Elizabeth is formally buried next to her beloved Philip in St George’s Chapel. Only then will the royal goldsmith return the crown to London He will put in his caseto the Tower of London, where he always rested. Nom is broken only once a year on the occasion of the official opening of Parliament Where the Queen – and now the King – enters Westminster. And only two more times during the reign: the final farewell to the queen, and the coronation of a new king.

In the Tower of London, on a gentle day caressed by the sun, the crown jewels are less shiny today. The orb and sceptre are also missing, to be used at the state funeral and then for the family in Windsor. I symbols of royal elizabeth power, those before them – he carries on his shoulders the weight of the crown. A real burden since then with you 3 thousand gemsbetween Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, sapphires and pearls The Imperial Crown was made at the time of King George VI’s coronation in 1937, Weighs more than a kilo. and symbolic weight. In the time of Queen Victoria, the imperial crown was much heavier To make it more comfortable in ’37, the stones were removed and reassembled into the new, more comfortable Elisabetta crown. (And it’s not the only crown used for the Queen’s coronation, even the crown of St. Edward the Confessor.)

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On the coffin of Queen Mom, Queen Mother, diamonds shone instead Koh Noorwith him 105 carats in the crownand with camellias laid down by her daughter Elizabeth on the Queen’s Banner, hoisted on a cannon-carriage and carried into the rugged medieval Hall of Westminster to the Houses of Parliament, the last remnant of the old Palace of Westminster, the first palace on the Thames. There, under the high and grave vaults, The Queen Mother was shown to the public on the same two-meter-high pasture where her husband, King George VI, was honored by the English.. And where now his Lilibet is caressed by his people’s last embrace.

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