Valencia fire: Anby, there was no polyurethane in the buildings – breaking news

Regarding the tragic fire of the Campanar complex in Valencia and the information reported by some media bodies on the subject, the National Association of Expanded Polyurethane (Anpe) issued a memorandum confirming that the Spanish association IPUR had determined that “in the buildings concerned there was no solid polyurethane foam of either Thermal insulation function or as a component of aluminum composite panels used as a coating with rain resistance function.

“The mention of polyurethane in connection with the event, which has not been proven – adds Anpe – has unfortunately contributed to damaging the image of a material that has a wide and varied use in many sectors; so we can only hope that in issues like this very sensitive and tragic one, it should “Media officials must take all possible precautions to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.” Anbe also emphasizes that “the use of expanded polyurethane, a material with excellent insulating and mechanical properties and proven durability, is not prohibited by anyone. The country: the various applicable regulations instead specify specific requirements for the fire reaction of the material depending on the properties and/or use.” “Intended for buildings. Thermal insulators made of rigid expanded polyurethane – according to the association's findings – can reach the European class B,s1 -d0, which is the best expected for any organic material.”

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