Cabinet reshuffle in London.  Sunak appoints David Cameron as Foreign Secretary – News

A dramatic return to government confirmed for David Cameron: The former Prime Minister – overwhelmed by the results of the Brexit referendum in 2016 which he himself called, and then campaigned for No and Lose – was today appointed Foreign Secretary by Rishi Sunak , former British Prime Minister. The man who last year won the title of the youngest Prime Minister in the modern history of the Kingdom. At the same time, Cameron, Conservative Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, was urgently elected to the unelected House of Lords: he is no longer in Parliament – which is mandatory for members of the British government – since his resignation as the seventh MP. Years ago.

video GB, David Cameron enters 10 Downing Street during the reshuffle

James Cleverly, the foreign secretary until now, is the new occupant of the Home Office appointed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after the controversial sacking of Suella Braverman, a right-wing Tory hawk, from the last seat. Braverman’s dismissal is part of a broader shake-up in the British government, which includes senior positions.

Cameron: I had my differences with Sunak, but he is a capable leader

“I have disagreed with Rishi Sunak on some individual decisions” in the past, but “I know he is a strong and capable leader.” Thus David Cameron, in a post on Cameron, who promoted the 2016 Brexit referendum and then defeated the pro-Remain campaigner, unlike Brexiteer Sunak, added that he had accepted in the spirit of “serving the country” at a time of global “challenges”. Dramatic.

Among the global challenges Cameron referred to were the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the “crisis in the Middle East,” stressing that he wanted to guide the Foreign Office in believing that the United Kingdom was an “international state” and must act closely. Dialogue with its “allies” to “make your voice heard” strongly. The 57-year-old former Prime Minister wrote at the time: “Although I have been outside the forefront of politics for the past seven years – I hope that my experience, as leader of the Conservative Party for 11 years and Prime Minister for six – can help me to help him.” The current government.

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