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The US Senate blocks the measure ensuring women have access to abortion at the federal level. He unleashed the wrath of the White House. “We’ll keep fighting,” President Joe Biden said, pointing the finger at obstructing Republicans who rejected the measure, who are united and also dependent on Democrat Joe Manchin’s vote. The mass was widely expected but that does not quell the controversy. The ruling, which could have been transformed by turning the Supreme Court’s historic sentence into law, needed 60 votes to advance its process. Instead, he only got 49.

Taking failure for granted — given the 50-50 Senate split and deep disagreements over abortion — Democrats decided to try the same to show America and Americans to radicalize Republicans and try to persuade hesitant voters to elect more liberals in the United States. The upcoming November elections. The abortion controversy has reignited in recent weeks as news leaked from the Supreme Court. Indeed, the articles seem destined to overturn the Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion in the United States. A draft ruling signed by Judge Alito and published by US media raised morale and sparked protests across America, as women in the field determined to preserve their right to choose before a conservative-majority Supreme Court. The Democrats have sought cover by declaring a fight in defense of a now-acquired right which, in their view, must now turn into law to be defended.

“We will never stop defending our basic liberties. Americans will have to remember in the November elections who tried to punish women and control their decisions,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. “Unfortunately, the Senate has failed to uphold a woman’s right to choose over her own body,” said Vice President Kamala Harris. Harsh words also come from Biden. The president said Senate Republicans’ rejection “comes at a time when women’s constitutional rights are under attack and go against the will of the majority of Americans,” taking the opportunity to remind voters to vote for pro-choice Democrats in the upcoming elections. Then Biden reassures women: Even in the face of Congress’s inability to act, “we will continue to evaluate actions and tools” to defend their right to choose.

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