Tigres triunfará a nivel internacional, lanza Miguel Herrera

a Tigers have been questioned For its repeated failure internationally, but Miguel Herrera raises his voice and demands: We are the best team The performance was in the Club World CupAnd this cannot be forgotten. All tournaments are different and we will take them seriously.”

the cats facing the Seattle Sounders In the League Cup quarter-finals, The tournament is a great idea, it is an attempt to find out what the league of leagues looks like, Hope this will be a reciprocal visit sometimewith more equality.

veteran Hugo Ayala stated that tigers, where they stand, they go to get the address: Like every tournament Tigres participates inThe team is here to fight for the championship. We have a great team to get any title, We’re used to playing finals and that’s where we want to be.”

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Inter-league competition tested: “MLS has grown a lot. Distances have been shortenedWith a tactical order, any team can fight against another team. The two leagues are trying to play the tournaments in the best way, I repeat, We will always win it, To look for that, we have a very big squad to fight it.”

particularly, Ayala hopes to have a chance to play To earn the trust of the technician: “I am working on it being taken into account among the eleven. The coach ultimately chooses who will play. I’m here to help, improve and adapt to what Miguel wants.”

Another in-the-field romp, like Jesús Dueñas, knows the game isn’t going to be easy: “We had to face MLS teams At Concachampions, they are very strong and athletic teams. support people a lot, You have to focus and follow everything from the beginning.”

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There will be no overconfidence They will be with their fans, it’s an artificial stadium, and we know what we have to play here, the stadium will not be an excuse, we already played a few weeks ago in Tijuana, we won, and we hope to repeat that.”


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