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At the press conference in his open shirt, the Prime Minister calls on citizens to do the same. The Energy Saving Decree was introduced to close shop doors

We are a fruit, or a tie: If the Prime Minister invites his countrymen for a tour with their shirt open Energy saving

And the This means that the situation is serious but not dangerous. Or even the smallest detail (Greta docet) makes the difference.
Pedro Sanchez He appeared at a press conference that day in fiery Madrid and noted his casual attire: I notice that I don’t wear a tie. And here, I would like my ministers, civil servants and private sector workers to do the same. the reason? Not wearing a corbatta means using less air conditioner
Thus, it consumes less electricity.

Let’s stay fresh: If the pandemic changes telecommuting The dress to wear (To the extreme: a cam-level jacket, in underwear underneath), the power crunch is now giving another shoulder to office style rules. Not the first time: already the Tokyo government, you remember BBCIn 2011 he launched the Super Cool Biz campaign that encourages Japanese employees to always wear lighter clothes in summer. It will be interesting Study to determine the number of watts saved or the number of drops of oil that corresponds to a tie That still parked at home not even a diesel car.

When showering, Spain does not follow Hanover in Germany (Cold water only in gyms). And for the effect of the necktie, in this hot summer British MPs were also allowed to take off their jackets within the House of Commons. And if the Nordic countries do this, not to mention the Mediterranean countries.

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